Quality Gun Auction
Sunday, October 21 • 12 Noon

Allen Reyhons, Owner

914 N. 1st Avenue, Winterset, IA (inside climate controlled)

Every Gun At This Auction Is From A Local Private Collection. Lots Of High Quality Guns, Accessories, And Ammo! This Is A Partial List!


Colt officers model 38 Special; Colt 22 auto. three Browning Buck mark 22 autos; Browning 9mm Luger; Browning 1911 380 auto; Ruger MKI 22 auto; Ruger SR9C 9mm auto; Ruger Red Label MKIII Hunter 22 caliber; Ruger 22 charger; Ruger Red Hawk 44 mag rev.; Ruger MKIII target model 22/45; Ruger MKIII target 22 auto; Ruger LCR 38 special rev.; Ruger super Black Hawk 454 casull; Ruger SP101 357 mag rev.; several Ruger super Black new model 44 mags; Ruger SP 101 22 rev.; Ruger security six 357 mag rev.; Ruger S&R 22 auto; Ruger GP100 357 mag; Ruger 22/45 lite; Ruger new model single 6 22w/elaborate carving on cylinder and grips; (2) Ruger single ten new model 22 revs.; several Ruger single six revs.; Ruger new model Black Hawk 357 mag; Ruger new model single six 32 H&R mag and other Rugers; Smith & Wesson model. 66-2 357 mag; Smith & Wesson national NPRC limited “Bloomington” • Jackson Des Moines, Ia.; Smith & Wesson model 64-5 38 special; Smith & Wesson model 422 22 auto.; Smith & Wesson model 48-4 MRF rev.; Smith & Wesson model 22A-I 22 auto; Smith & Wesson model 617-5 rev.; Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm; Smith & Wesson model 14-4 38 Special; Smith & Wesson 22 Victory auto.; and other S&W’s; Dan Wesson 44 mag rev.; Dan Wesson 22 rev.; Dan Wesson 357 rev.; Springfield Armory USA 9×19 auto.; Brolin Arms TAC-11 45 auto.; Ruger new model Bisley single six 22 caliber; Thompson center fire wtih 17 HMR Bull barrel; Thompson center fire with 22 WMRF barrel; Thompson center fire with custom stock & 223 barrel; Thompson barrels (32 H&R mag; 22 Hornet no.14 Bull; 45 Colt/410; 22 LR Target Bull; 22 LR Match Bull); Springfield Armory 1911-AI 45 auto; Hi-Standard model “Camp Gun” 22 mag; Heritage Rough Rider with extra mag cylinder; Walther PK 380; Canik 55 Shark auto; Beretta model 92 FS 9mm auto; CZ75 9 mm luger auto; Mitchell Arms American Classic II 45 ACP; Germany Bounty Hunter 22/22 mag cylinders; Taurus model P4102211w/410 & 22 barrels; CZ 83 9mm auto; AMT 22 auto mag II; Chiappa M9-22 & 1911-22 autos; Taurus 22 mag tracker rev.; Citadel 22 auto; Canik model TP9 9mm x 19 auto; Hi-Standard H-D Military 22 auto; Herstal Belgium 5.7×28; Benelli MP95E 22 auto; Heritage Rough Rider 22/22 mag & many other handguns.


Long Guns

Winchester model 52 Olympic competition 22 LR with factory Bull barrel, scope and custom stock; Browning Citori 12 gauge over and under; Browning ST 995 special 12 gauge; Perazzi 12 gauge trap; Ruger Red Label 20 gauge over and under skeet; Winchester model 9422 22 mag lever action; Marlin model 922M micro 22 WRF; Remington model 597 22 win mag; Marlin model XT-17 17 HMR caliber; Rock Island Armory 22 TCM with Bull barrel; Henry Golden Boy 22 (NIB); Marlin model 1894 44 rem mag or 44 special; Henry 22 S-L-L-R (NIB); Browning lever action; Savage model 93 22 WMR; Savage model 93 R17 Camo 17 HMR caliber; Taurus “Circuit Judge” 45/410; Savage AXIS camo 223 with scope; HK model 416 D 22 AR by Walther; Ruger 10-22 “Ruger American” 22 win mag Ruger 10-22 full stock 22 caliber; Ruger 10-22 with folding stock; Ru ger 10-22 with bull barrel and scope; Ruger 10-22 “1st 50 yrs.” and other Ruger 10-22’s; GSG American tactical 22 LR HV; CZ 455 22 WMF; Chiappa 22 mag over 410 o/u; Marlin model 39D 22 caliber; Mossberg model 500 “Home Security” 410 gauge; Remington 870 12 gauge; Remington 1100 12 gauge and many others.

Ammo & Accessories

Gun safe; 20 unopened bag (25 lb. each) of Laurence brand chilled shot; several boxes of new primers; 12 new bags PC brand 12 gauge wads (500 per bag); (6) cases new 12 gauge shells (250 rounds per case); (3) cases new 20 gauge shells (250 rounds per case); several thousand rounds of 22 ammo; (8) boxes 22 stingers; 223 ammo, 7.62×39 ammo; 22 win mag ammo; 17 HMR; 44 special; 45 auto; 9mm Luger; 357 mag; 38 Special & lots more ammo; Hi-Grade pistol and rifle; scopes; AR clips; other clips; (3) Western style holster sets; many quality hard gun cases and more.


Sunday, October 28 • 12 Noon

Elaine Platt, Owner

914 N. 1st Avenue, Winterset, IA (inside)


Nice old wood rocking horse; pine dry sink with original paint; 2 door pine fruit cupboard with original paint; pine fly cupboard; pine pegged cross buck kitchen table; primitive pine hanging cupboard; nice old pine benches; early 2 door pine cupboard; dove tailed poultry desk on legs; one door fruit cupboard with original paint; pine lift top storage bin; child’s rocker with original paint; sho-fly dapple gray rocking horse; small pine carpenters chest; small pine lift top chest of drawers; flax wheel; wood candle dryer; large wood dough bowl; nice old shoe cobblers bench; large size horse weather vane; goose feather Christmas tree; old wood sugar bowls; (2) wood goose decoys; (2) pull toy horses; old fireplace bellows; mortar & pestle sets; pair of 1800’s wood ice skates; (2) candle lanterns; old fiberware pieces; (4) early wood bowls with early repair; bull horn stool; schooner ship oil painting; (2) wood peels; pair of old wood skis; old baskets; drying rack; set of early stenciled chairs; Betty lamp; (3) old coverlets; primitives and lots more not listed.

TERMS: Cash, Good Check, Absolute Proper ID Required for Bid Number • Lunch Served

(Rescheduled) Sunday, November 11 • 12 Noon

Gary Marlin, Owner

Go 6-1/2 miles north of Winterset, Iowa on Hwy. 169. Then go east 1/4 mile on 148th St.
2234 148th St.

This is a super collection of country and farm antiques and more!


Original old folding bath tub with water heater; (2) very nice home comfort wood cook stoves; fancy carved oak ice box; pine lift top meal bin with 2 drawers; pine 2 door cupboards; nice old player piano with rolls (works great); “Old Faithful” wood washing machine and others; “The Chatham” seed cleaner with original stenciling; 7 shelf pine open cupbard; early pine carpenters tool chest; wood coaster wagons; oak folding hi-chair; 32 ft. of cast iron yard fence with love birds; side hill walking plow; walking potato plow; weather vane with ball and stand; several lightning rod balls and stands; hi-back claw foot organ stool with woven back; “Running Brave” coaster wagon; boston rocker; haging wall display cabinet; incubators; brooder stove; Moline donut well pump; Dubuque Iowa hay fork; grapple and harpoon hay forks; wood pitch fork; horse collars and horse collar hanging racks; wood pullies; several iron implement wheels; yard gates; potato cutter; “The Boys Favorite” tool box with tools; early large wooden bowl; set of 4 Model T auto lights; Victor store display holder with Nipper; quack medical device for nerves; wood coping saw (8 1/2 in. x 11 in.); grist mill; “Dandy” bone cutter; old lanterns; Keen Kutter apple peeler; wood 2 wheel carts; floor model Dazey churn; 1 & 2 man saws; oak wall telephone; cast iron dinner bell; hay knives; 1875 horse rein clipper; chicken scales; oak child’s roll top desk with swivel chair; Hoosier wood sign boards; Case Machinery sign; horn weights; hay carriers and track; cast iron floor grates; railroad tools; wood tub stand with wringer; de-horners; (2) honey box making tools; old spinning wheel; wall mirrors with hooks; old house doors and windows; old house trim; leaded windows; steel seats; kid’s rocking chair with mustard paint; porch posts; broad axes; fancy newal post; old prison ball and chain; (2) sets “Peerless handcuffs”; thumb cuffs; wicker buggies; folding clothes drying rack; fancy oak kitchen clock; Keen Kutter cigar box; (3) hornet nests; Griswold stove; Griswold No. 4 skillet; other Griswold skillets; pans and lids; Wagner No. 9 drip drop cast iron roaster; other nice pieces Wagner; LoneWolf pictures (looking left and right); Fix & Parrish and other nice pictures; wood rung ladders; oak hi-boy chest of drawers; floor Victrola;HSB & Co. Cruso waffle iron with chicken; hay carriers and pump parts; nice 3 gallon water cooler with original lid; 5 gallon Red Wing jug; buttermilk chicken feeders marked Des Moines Ia.; sharpleigh Keen Kutter hard bound order catalog (excellent condition); (2) green quilted Aladdin lamps; pink Aladdin lamp; Lincoln Drape Aladdin lamp; LaMar child’s washing machine; child’s wood wash tub with wringer; 7 ft. primitive bench; coffee grinder; kid’s tin dishes; grind stones; wood pitch fork plus many other great items.

Other Items

(2) portable buildings; pressure washer; North Star 2270 ATV sprayer; Craftsman chop saw; router with table; small shop vac; electric hedge trimmers; furniture clamps; 24 ft. & 32 ft. aluminum extension ladders; texure gun and hopper and more.


Cash, Good Check, Absolute Proper ID Required for Bid Number • Lunch Served

Contact the Auctioneers:
Chuck Garrison & Jon Garrison

820 N. 1st Avenue, Winterset, IA 50273

CALL: (515) 462-1012